Raggett Limited
For more than 5 years, we have been professionally involved in consulting and marketing. The main areas of our expertise are marketing in the field of usability and traffic, consulting, accounting, establishment of companies and selling software under White Label.
About Raggett Limited
We started our career back in 2002, we went from employees in accounting and marketing to experts in our company. Now we work as Raggett Company offering consulting services, marketing and the development and sale of software for White Label.
Unlike many big branded agencies, Raggett Limited focuses on performance marketing strategy and execution. Our primary goal is to drive measured responses based on our clients KPI's. We want every marketing dollar spent to be invested efficiently so that our clients are able to maximize their ROI.
We also provide consulting services for our clients and partners. We have a whole range of measures to resolve all related issues and problems identified by the company. Starting from consultation and analysis and ending with the solution of the problem and the formation of actions for the future.